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Phase 4 of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project

The Phase 4 “Canyon” section is the last and most difficult part of the entire Kicking Horse Canyon Project. The improvements must be built with a view to safety, cost-effectiveness and as little disruption as possible to highway users and the community.
Project Management

Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project

This project improved travel safety and efficiency on Highway 91, Highway 17, and the Highway 91 Connector. Works included an interchange at River Road connecting to Highway 17, an interchange at Highway 17 and Highway 91 Connector, an interchange at Highway 91 Connector and Nordel Way, and improvements to Highway 91 at Nordel Interchange.
Project Management, Executive Project Director

Silver Skagit Flood Recovery Program

The Silver Skagit Flood Recovery project consists of 11 sites along Silver Skagit Road between Hope, B.C. and the United States border. This project includes culvert replacement, new culvert installation, gravel roadway reconstruction, riprap armouring of the creek embankment, and construction of instream habitat for environmental offsetting.
Construction Supervision / Contract Administration

Watkins Creek Culvert Replacement

The Watkins project consisted of a 2700mm culvert replacement in combination with a roadway upgrade, flares, enhanced drainage, upgraded riprap for channel and structure protection, and placement of concrete roadside barriers.
Construction Supervision

Highway 97 North Beach Slide

Highway 97 between Summerland and Peachland B.C. was closed due to an approximately 3000 cubic metre rockfall event that covered three of four travel lanes. A soil berm was constructed to stop movement of the slide while blasting and unloading of the slope was carried out.
Project Supervision

Southern Interior Rumble Strip Program

Elevation staff were on-site to supervise and provide Quality Assurance for 17 different locations while rumble strips were installed in the interior region of British Columbia.
Project Supervision Services

Peers Creek Frontage Road Washout Recovery

The Peers Creek Frontage Road Washout Recovery consisted of riprap bank armouring, ditching and a full road reconstruction. This project was executed to prepare for a 200-year high water mark event to protect Highway 5 and the surrounding areas.
Project Supervision Services

Endako Creek Culvert Replacement

The Endako Creek culvert replacement consisted of a 2200mm steel culvert replacement, Class 50KG and 100KG riprap placement, new pavement, addition of flares to the widened shoulders, and placement of concrete roadside barriers.
Project Supervision Services

Aurum Road Washout Recovery

Aurum Road was washed out in an Atmospheric River Event in November 2021. The Aurum Road Washout Recovery project consisted of grading works, culvert replacement, full depth gravel road reconstruction and realignment, and new concrete barriers.
Construction Services, Contract Administration, Project Supervision

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