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With an unwavering dedication to serving the communities that British Columbians work and live in, we merge innovation with integrity to tackle transportation's most pressing challenges. From designing sustainable infrastructure to building climate-resilient transportation solutions, we embrace our responsibility to serve the public good. Our commitment to the communities we serve is not just a professional duty but a moral imperative, enriching and empowering the lives of the people around us.

Our Core Services

Provincial Infrastructure and Transportation Project Services

Our seasoned project management team specializes in overseeing provincial transportation projects from conception to completion. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, we ensure timely delivery and optimal resource utilization, driving project success and stakeholder satisfaction.

Municipal Project Services

We provide expert project management services for municipal infrastructure projects, catering to the unique needs and challenges of local communities. From road improvements to utility upgrades, our team excels in coordinating multifaceted projects, delivering results that enhance livability and promote sustainable development.

Bridge Engineering

We provide engineering and advisory services with a focus on transportation infrastructure, including bridges, retaining walls, large culverts, and other structures for both public and private owners throughout B.C. By thoroughly understanding our client’s challenges through the entire life cycle of their inventory and working with our internal bridge construction, inspection and maintenance teams and industry partners, we employ a “total service” approach to ensure the long-term success of our clients’ projects. From preliminary design through conceptual analysis, detailed design, and construction, our highly skilled teams deliver innovative yet practical solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of our clients while satisfying all regulatory and stakeholder interests. We deliver high-quality, sustainable projects and provide reliable advisory services that achieve the best overall outcomes for our clients.

Bridge Inspection & Assessment

Our bridge rehabilitation experts specialize in revitalizing aging infrastructure to extend its service life and enhance performance. Through meticulous assessment, innovative repair techniques, and strategic planning, we rejuvenate bridges, preserving essential assets and ensuring continued functionality for years to come.

Construction Services - Highways, Asphalt, and Roadways

We provide end-to-end construction services for highways, asphalt paving, and roadway projects. From initial planning to final inspection, our dedicated team manages all aspects of construction, including Contract Administration and Quality Assurance, to deliver durable, high-quality infrastructure that withstands the test of time.

Construction Services - Bridges and Structures

Specializing in bridge and structure construction, our team excels in delivering complex projects with precision and efficiency. Whether it's bridge rehabilitation, new construction, or structural upgrades, we provide comprehensive construction services coupled with meticulous Contract Administration and rigorous Quality Assurance protocols.

Quality Management

We provide Construction Quality Management services ensuring successful delivery of civil, transportation, and structural construction projects. Our team members are experts in civil construction standards, construction procedures, safety, and performance throughout every phase of project execution. We adapt to project-specific challenges and can ensure the quality requirements of each project are met and documented at every phase.

Contract Administration

We understand that effective Contract Administration is essential for the successful execution of construction projects. Our Construction Contract Administration service line is dedicated to providing comprehensive oversight and management of construction contracts, ensuring clarity, compliance, and accountability throughout the project lifecycle. Our Contract Administration services include expert contract negotiation and development, thorough contract review and compliance monitoring, proactive issue resolution and change management, effective communication and stakeholder coordination, comprehensive documentation and record-keeping, dispute resolution and claims management, progress reporting and cost tracking.

Indigenous Relations & Engagement

At Elevation, our team specializes in integrating Indigenous interests seamlessly into projects across all phases. With a wealth of experience in major projects, we excel in building strong relationships and adeptly navigating federal and provincial approvals through meaningful engagement. If your project or program includes an Indigenous relations component, we invite you to connect with us to explore how we can provide support. Our team is equipped with the capacity and expertise to assist with strategy and planning, engagement and consultation, regulatory compliance and permitting, Indigenous agreement negotiations, and Indigenous inclusion strategy development. Let us be your partner in fostering mutually beneficial relationships with Indigenous communities while achieving your project goals.

Project Director & Senior Project Advisor

We oversee all project facets to uphold the highest quality standards and meet designated timelines. Our Project Director and Senior Project Advisory services include monitoring construction progress, managing finances, and maintaining project quality. Focusing on precision and professionalism, we ensure the successful execution of infrastructure and transportation projects.

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