Highway 91/17 Upgrade Project

This project improved travel safety and efficiency on Highway 91, Highway 17, and the Highway 91 Connector. Works included an interchange at River Road connecting to Highway 17, an interchange at Highway 17 and Highway 91 Connector, an interchange at Highway 91 Connector and Nordel Way, and improvements to Highway 91 at Nordel Interchange.
May 1, 2023
Project Management, Executive Project Director

This project included:

- Upgrading ramps at Highway 91 at Nordel Interchange to improve acceleration and deceleration lanes

- Additional through-lanes for Nordel Way traffic crossing over Highway 91

- Upgrades at the Highway 91 Connector at the Nordel Way intersection, including a combination of direct access roads and additional turning lanes to remove one signal light and improve all movements

- Significantly improved access to and from the Nordel Way commercial vehicle inspection station and truck parking area

- A new interchange at Highway 17 and Highway 91 Connector (Sunbury)

- Improvements to the River Road connection to replace the existing signalized intersection and eliminate the need for an at-grade rail crossing to access the highway

Elevation's services included: 

- Delivering project management services through Total Completion and Project Closeout

- Coordinating lessons learned review and communicating with the District for Project closeout

- Facilitating communication with the contractor during the dispute process

- Managing outstanding risks from the project

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