This month, we’re proud to spotlight Elevation team member Anthony Graves. Anthony is an Assistant Project Supervisor with our Construction Services Group. He’s currently working in Hope, B.C., where the Silver Skagit Flood Response project is getting underway.

Anthony plays an essential role in our projects as he provides client representation on-site and collaborates with the contractors to deliver successful projects. He prides himself on ensuring consistent, high-quality, timely and cost-effective outcomes. Anthony has been working in construction supervision for over seven years. As a valued member of Elevation, he’s well known for his enthusiasm, expertise, commitment, and positive spirit.

When we asked Anthony what he enjoys most about his work, he shared some of his personal highlights with us: “Being outdoors and getting to work within the scenic landscapes of B.C. adds an extra dimension of joy to what we do. I have always been an outdoors person, and each project presents a new vista to explore! What I truly love about what I do is the opportunity to collaborate with diverse teams, contractors, and stakeholders on-site. Whether it's navigating environmentally sensitive areas or engaging with Indigenous communities, I find immense fulfillment in contributing to projects while upholding environmental and cultural preservation. I am thrilled to be a part of Elevation, a company known for its mentoring opportunities, emphasis on continuous learning, and progressive use of technology.”

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