Elevation Technical Services is looking forward to being involved in British Columbia’s continuing initiative to expand and improve the province’s electric vehicle (EV) charging station network. As more British Columbians switch to zero-emission vehicles, our government remains committed to building the charging infrastructure that makes that switch practical and easy.

B.C. has one of the largest public charging networks in Canada, with 5,000+ stations. The 2024 goal is to add 500+ more to provide coverage along all highways and major roads, with an overall target of 10,000 public charging stations by 2030!

Elevation is proud to bring its unique expertise to the initiative by assisting the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure with the delivery of EV charging station installations and upgrades. Throughout the summer, our dedicated staff will provide Project Supervision services for upgrades to the Wire Cache and Anarchist Rest Areas and the new installations at the Shelter Bay Rest Area. Elevation’s Project Supervision services include project documentation reviews, progress and expenditure reports, constructability assessments, quality management, quality assurance, and stakeholder engagement.

Elevation is pleased to be part of a collaborative effort with Stites Consulting Inc. (Project Management), DMD & Associates Electrical Consultants Ltd. (MoTI Design Consultant), and Fraser City Installations (Electrical Contractor). The team effort, which began in May with the pre-construction meeting, is a testament to our shared commitment to the success of this project. At the meeting, all parties shared ideas and discussed challenges and solutions, setting the stage for success.

If you’re looking for a great resource to locate EV charging stations in B.C. and beyond, check out the PlugShare website or app.

Preparing to upgrade EV charging stations in B.C.
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Cristina Tapp
Marketing Manager