Highway Construction Project Supervisor – Grading & Paving
Location is project-based and varies across B.C.
Job Type
Full-time employment

Looking to take your career to new heights? Elevation’s Construction Project Supervision team is expanding as we embark on new projects across the beautiful landscape of B.C. As an employee-owned company founded in 2022, Elevation is intentionally creating a supportive, inclusive, and rewarding culture. With a ‘people first’ attitude, we prioritize the growth and advancement of our staff at all levels. We offer competitive compensation, full benefits, and annual bonuses. This is your invitation to become a part of something bigger. Come build and prosper with us! 

Elevation is committed to providing a fun and engaging team environment where management truly listens to employee feedback. We deliver on training and mentorship commitments because we know that every individual’s growth equals success for the entire team. The company takes pride in working with our clients on projects of all sizes and levels of complexity.

Our ideal candidate for the Highway Construction Project Supervisor – Grading & Paving role has 3+ years of relevant Highway Construction Supervision, MoTI Contract Administration, and team leadership experience. Relevant training, education, and certifications will be considered further assets on your resume.

Your keys to success ...

Your success in this role hinges on your ability to manage quality, timelines, and costs. Under your supervision, the contracted works are guaranteed to be completed to MoTI standards and meet requirements on time and within budget. 

We're excited to welcome new team members who share our commitment to excellence and passion for building B.C.’s transportation networks and infrastructure.

You’ll shine in this role if you…

- have technical knowledge of highway construction and inspection methods

- have expert understanding of grading and paving methods, risk assessments, and MoTI Standard Specifications for Highway Construction

- accurately interpret engineering drawings, technical manuals, and specifications 

- excel at QA/QC processes, can manage tight timelines, and control budget expenditures

- are organized, detail-oriented, and service-focused

- possess knowledge of project management concepts, critical path management, and project cost tracking

- communicate in a professional, clear, and timely manner with all stakeholders

- thoroughly understand Occupational Health & Safety, WorkSafe B.C. regulations, traffic management and public safety

- have a ‘no compromises’ attitude when it comes to safety

- understand project filing systems and document control best practices

- can effectively use Microsoft Office (bonus points for AutoCAD and Bluebeam) 

- perform best in a fast-paced environment with ongoing changes requiring fast and effective problem-solving

- confidently take on new challenges and responsibilities 

- go above and beyond for your client every step of the way

- lead teams of staff with a supportive and appreciative attitude

- want to continue to learn and grow in your profession and achieve new levels of success! 

Day-to-day on the job

- drive to various project locations around B.C., working remotely when needed

- thoroughly oversee all aspects of the contractor’s work on highway construction projects 

- develop quality assurance/quality control plans and processes to audit project conformance 

- interpret the contract, project plans, specifications, and special provisions, ensuring strict adherence to project requirements

- measure and calculate quantities for payment and approve work/extra work 

- maintain detailed and thorough daily/weekly/monthly documentation, records, logs, and photos/videos

- perform site inspections and report on findings

- review non-conformance issues and follow up on corrective actions 

- work cooperatively and respectfully with team members at all levels

- assist in addressing the contractor’s queries regarding technical contract aspects and drawings

- resolve complex contract issues and claims

- collaborate with the contractor to review schedules, work-in-progress, materials quantities, and progress estimates

- ensure early identification of contentious issues and provide smooth dispute resolution and corrective guidance

- provide supervision and guidance to junior staff

- assist with training, safety orientations, etc. 

- exercise appropriate autonomy at work, making sound judgments to manage risks, ensure safety, and impress the client

How to apply

Email your resume and cover letter to careers@elevationtech.ca

Be sure to include the position you’re applying for in the subject line of your email.